The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Chicago Ledger, v. L, no. 18

Online Full Text: Digital Library @ Villanova University
Series: The Chicago Ledger — v. 50 no. 18
Contents: All in the Way of Business: A Story Laid on Both Land and Sea (Work, chapters 1-5)
From Out the Centuries (Work, chapters 11-15)
The Cat That Wouldnn't Scat (Work)
The Head of Professor Penola (Work, chapter 2)
A Double-headed Conspiracy (Work, chapter 8)
The Fool and Farquar's Money (Work)
Honor Among Thieves (Work)
The Adorable Charlatan (Work)
Date: May 6, 1922
Edition Description: Also includes "Little Odd Story of the Week--No. 19: A Million on Feb. 30th" as well as "Is This Your Type?" (Are Your Eyes Black?"), "A Page for the Woman in the Home" ("An Idea For Sunday's Dinner"), "Victoria Grey's Talks to Women," "Domestic Hints for the Housewife" ("Baked Beans Left Over"), "What Your Name Signifies" by Mildred Marshall ("Judith"), "The Right Thing at the Right Time" ("For the Bobbed Head"), "An Even Page of Smiles," "For the Ledger Girls and Boys" ("Billy's Adventure") and "Something to Make Thinkers Think" departments, plus want ads, brief filler items (including "Thumb Mark on Knife Blade," "Peter the Great Reforms" and "Trees Provide Sporting Tools."), cartoons and advertisements.
Length: 28 p.

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