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Item - Arkansas Kit; or, The River Sprite's Choice. A Tale of the Crowfoot Country

(Beadle's Dime Novels edition)
(Beadle's New Dime Novels edition)

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Online Full Text: Northern Illinois University (Beadle's Dime Novels edition)
Northern Illinois University (Beadle's New Dime Novels edition)
Series: Beadle's Dime Novels — no. 295
Beadle's New Dime Novels — no. 106
Subjects / Tags: Adventure stories
Canoes and canoeing
Crow Indians
Frontier and pioneer life
Western stories
Author: Hamilton, W. J., 1843-1892 (pseudonym used by Clark, Charles Dunning, 1843-1892)
Dates: November 18, 1873 (Beadle's Dime Novels edition)
December 10, 1878 (Beadle's New Dime Novels edition)
Publishers: Beadle's Dime Novels edition: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Beadle's New Dime Novels edition: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
OCLC Numbers: 123489958 (Beadle's Dime Novels edition)
128136956 (Beadle's New Dime Novels edition)
ENGL 330 Spring 2018's Thoughts: "Arkansas Kit takes place in Arkansas and tells the story of Richard “Dick” Weston and Kit Hammond, who find themselves in mortal danger when a shot from Dick’s rifle intended for a deer kills an indigenous man who is the brother of Eagle Claw, leader of the Crowfoot nation. This mishap begins a conflict that is carefully observed by a woman referred to as The River Sprite or Madah, the latter name used only by the Crowfoot people. She is, in fact, not an Indian woman, but the daughter of a man called The Mask, who bears a grudge against Richard. Dick, Kit, and their band of men must evade the advances of the Crowfoot warriors and Eagle Claw with the help of The River Sprite as the mystery of the feud between Dick and The Mask is slowly revealed. This novel provides and expression of the popular desire to see individuals who have entered into indigenous society betray the Natives and express their desire to help those outside of the influence of the indigenous people against all odds."--Zain Haq, undergraduate student at NIU enrolled in ENGL 330, Spring 2018

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Known Editions

Beadle's Dime Novels edition
Beadle's New Dime Novels edition

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