The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - The Chicago Ledger, v. XLIV, no. 16

Online Full Text: Digital Library @ Villanova University
Series: The Chicago Ledger — v. 44 no. 16
Contents: Mexican Treachery; or, The Message to Medroso (Work)
The Jewels of Jezebel; or The Last Days of a King (Work, chapters 1-4)
The Michaux Z-Ray; or, The Criminal Investigator (Work, chapters 8-12)
At Barclay House; or, A Detective Puzzle (Work, chapters 19-21; conclusion)
Strong Jacob of Eden; or, The Wilderness Waif (Work, chapters 15-16)
Tex and Mex; or, War Times in Mexico (Work, part 1 of 2)
Date: April 15, 1916
Edition Description: Poem: "Tragic Tale" and "Keep Fishin'." Also includes "Gentle Jabs," "Home and Health," "The Fairy Corner," and "Ledger's Embroidery Corner" departments, plus want ads, brief filler items (including "Costly Correction," "About Himself," "What's in a Kiss?" "A Grand Outburst," "Discovered," "Auto Argument," "Not to Let With It," "Getting Rid of Him," "Lost a Patient," "Spring More Or Less," "His Future," "The Wedding Outfit," "Warned Off." "Why the Maid Left," "His Excuse," "Undoubtedly Hurt."), cartoons and advertisements.
Length: 24 p.

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