The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Airy Fairy Lillian

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Combined Summary

Series: Arrow Library — no. 152
Banner Library — no. 15
The Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) — no. 48
Electric Series — no. 402
Favorite Library — no. 37
Granite Series — no. 1
The Ivy Series — no. 347
The Keystone Library — no. 236
Lippincott's Series of Select Novels — no. 17
Lovell's Household Library — no. 21
Lovell's Library — no. 92
Majestic Series — no. 4
Manhattan Library — no. 34
Munro's Library (Pocket) — no. 171
Red Letter Series (International Book Company) — no. 52
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) — no. 499
Seaside Library 25c Edition — no. 138
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition — no. 14
Surprise Library — no. 14
Author: Duchess, 1855?-1897 (pseudonym used by Hungerford, Mrs. (Margaret Wolfe Hamilton), 1855?-1897)
Dates: March 31, 1883 (Lovell's Library edition)
November 21, 1885 (Lippincott's Series of Select Novels edition)
1889 (Banner Library edition)
December 2, 1893 (Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) edition - best guess)
July 24, 1894 (Manhattan Library edition)
1896 (Majestic Series edition)
August 24, 1900 (Arrow Library edition)
Price: 20ยข (Munro's Library (Pocket) edition)

Known Editions

Electric Series edition
Favorite Library edition
Granite Series edition
Ivy Series edition
Keystone Library edition
Lovell's Household Library edition
Munro's Library (Pocket) edition
Red Letter Series (International Book Company) edition
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition
Seaside Library 25c Edition edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition
Surprise Library edition
Lovell's Library edition
Lippincott's Series of Select Novels edition
Banner Library edition
Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) edition
Manhattan Library edition
Majestic Series edition
Arrow Library edition

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