The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - John Halifax, Gentleman

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(Select Library edition - source: Digital Library @ Villanova University)
(Fireside Library of Popular Reading edition - source: NIU Libraries)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Digital Library @ Villanova University (Select Library edition)
Northern Illinois University (Fireside Library of Popular Reading edition)
Series: Aldis Series — no. 107
Arrow Library — no. 119
Banner Library — no. 6
Calumet Series (Homewood) — no. 184
The Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) — no. 3
The Elite Series — no. 25
The Eureka Series — no. 29
Favorite Library — no. 96
Fireside Library of Popular Reading v. 9 no. 109 — chapters I-XL (conclusion), pages 1-63
Fireside Series (Hovendon) — no. 126
The Giant Series — no. 20
Granite Series — no. 72
Hawthorne Library — no. 112
Hurst's Universal Library — no. 19
The Ivy Series — no. 455
The Keystone Library — no. 423
Leisure Hour Library, 2nd Series — no. 43
Library of Select Novels — no. 201
Lovell's Household Library — no. 25
Lovell's Library — no. 33
Majestic Series — no. 196
Manhattan Library — no. 50
Munro's Library (Pocket) — no. 28
New Surprise (Series) — no. 36
Premium Library (Home Book Company) no. 63 — part I
Premium Library (Home Book Company) no. 64 — part II
Red Letter Series (International Book Company) — no. 101
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) — no. 2
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) — no. 456
Seaside Library 25c Edition — no. 185
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition — no. 11
Select Library — no. 117
Sunday Series — no. 2
Twenty-Five Famous Novels — no. 17
Union Square Library — no. 3
Wakefield Series — no. 156
Alternate Titles: John Halifax
John Halifax, Gentleman; or, Saved from Error
Subjects / Tags: Bildungsromans
Food riots
Inheritance and succession
Love stories
Mills and mill-work
Napoleonic Wars, 1800-1815
Political corruption
Rich people
Authors: Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887 (Premium Library (Home Book Company) edition)
Mulock, Miss (Dinah Maria), 1826-1887 (pseudonym used by Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887) (Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) edition; Aldis Series edition; Giant Series edition; Arrow Library edition; Fireside Series (Hovendon) edition; Hawthorne Library edition; Eureka Series edition; Favorite Library edition; Keystone Library edition; Banner Library edition; Granite Series edition; Majestic Series edition; Manhattan Library edition; Ivy Series edition; Lovell's Household Library edition; Library of Select Novels edition; The Elite Series edition; Fireside Library of Popular Reading edition; Calumet Series (Homewood) edition; Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition; Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition; Hurst's Universal Library edition; Sunday Series edition; Lovell's Library edition; Munro's Library (Pocket) edition; Twenty-Five Famous Novels edition; Union Square Library edition; Wakefield Series edition; Leisure Hour Library, 2nd Series edition; New Surprise (Series) edition; Red Letter Series (International Book Company) edition; Select Library edition; Seaside Library 25c Edition edition)
Dates: June 2, 1877 (Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition)
August 25, 1881 (Fireside Library of Popular Reading edition)
May 10, 1884 (Hurst's Universal Library edition)
1889 (Banner Library edition)
November 12, 1891 (Eureka Series edition)
May 11, 1892 (The Elite Series edition)
January 21, 1893 (Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) edition - best guess)
September 18, 1894 (Manhattan Library edition)
June 14, 1895 (Red Letter Series (International Book Company) edition)
1896 (Majestic Series edition)
1896 (Twenty-Five Famous Novels edition)
January 5, 1900 (Arrow Library edition)
October 22, 1900 (Hawthorne Library edition)
March, 1909 (Select Library edition)
September 26, 1910 (New Surprise (Series) edition)
Edition Descriptions: Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition:
Large Type

Seaside Library 25c Edition edition:
In two parts.

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition:
Issued daily.
Price: 20ยข (Munro's Library (Pocket) edition)

Known Editions

Aldis Series edition
Calumet Series (Homewood) edition
Favorite Library edition
Fireside Series (Hovendon) edition
Giant Series edition
Granite Series edition
Ivy Series edition
Keystone Library edition
Leisure Hour Library, 2nd Series edition
Library of Select Novels edition
Lovell's Household Library edition
Lovell's Library edition
Munro's Library (Pocket) edition
Premium Library (Home Book Company) edition (part I in Premium Library, no. 63)
Premium Library (Home Book Company) edition (part II in Premium Library, no. 64)
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition
Seaside Library 25c Edition edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition
Sunday Series edition
Union Square Library edition
Wakefield Series edition
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition
Fireside Library of Popular Reading edition (chapters I-XL (conclusion), pages 1-63 in Fireside Library, v. IX, no. 109, August 25, 1881)
Hurst's Universal Library edition
Banner Library edition
Eureka Series edition
The Elite Series edition
Chimney Corner Series (Lupton) edition
Manhattan Library edition
Red Letter Series (International Book Company) edition
Majestic Series edition
Twenty-Five Famous Novels edition
Arrow Library edition
Hawthorne Library edition
Select Library edition
New Surprise (Series) edition

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