The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Item - Under Two Flags

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Combined Summary

Series: Aldis Series — no. 41
American Series — no. 248
Arrow Library — no. 175
Brigham's Library — no. 21
The Elite Series — no. 10
Favorite Library — no. 12
The Giant Series — no. 21
The Ivy Series — no. 67
Lippincott's Series of Select Novels — no. 25
Lovell's Household Library — no. 59
Manhattan Library — no. 21
Play Book Series — no. 83
Railroad Series — no. 78
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) — no. 54
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition — no. 4
Twenty-Five Famous Novels — no. 18
Author: Ouida, 1839-1908
Dates: September 8, 1877 (Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition)
July 11, 1883 (Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition)
January 16, 1886 (Lippincott's Series of Select Novels edition)
March 19, 1892 (The Elite Series edition)
June 5, 1894 (Manhattan Library edition)
February 1, 1901 (Arrow Library edition)
1906 (Play Book Series edition)

Known Editions

Aldis Series edition
American Series edition
Brigham's Library edition
Favorite Library edition
Giant Series edition
Ivy Series edition
Lovell's Household Library edition
Railroad Series edition
Twenty-Five Famous Novels edition
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition) edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition edition
Lippincott's Series of Select Novels edition
The Elite Series edition
Manhattan Library edition
Arrow Library edition
Play Book Series edition

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