The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

City - Chicago (Ill.)


Adventure Series (Max Stein)
Alert Library
Alger Series for Boys
The American Library (Donnelly, Lloyd & Co.)
American Standard Library
Ariel Library Series
The Ariel Library
Atlantic Library

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The Belford Series
Belford, Clark & Co. Series
Best Stories of Charlotte M. Braeme
Biographies of Prominent Border Bandits
Border Series
Boys and Girls of America
Boys' Alert Library

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Calumet Series (Homewood)
The Chicago Ledger
Classic Library
Coin's Financial Series
Collection Schick
Colportage Library
Cowboy Series

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Dashaway Series
Dearborn Series
The Detective and Adventure Library
Detective Series
Detective Stories

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Electric Series
Ellis Series
Enterprise Series
Everyday Life Library

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Flashlight Detective Series
Forward Series
Franklin Series (Homewood)

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The German-American Series
Globe Detective Series (Eagle)
Globe Detective Series (Rand McNally)
Globe Library

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Heart Series, 1st Ser.
Heart Series, 2nd Ser.
Henneberry Company (Series)
The Home Library (Cobb, Baldwin & Co.)
Household Library (Belford, Clarke, & Co.)
Howell's Adventure Story Series
Howell's Mystery Story Series

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Ideal Library
Idylwild Series
Illustrated Publishing Co.'s Popular Series
Indian Series
Interesting Stories of Choice Fiction

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Jack Harkaway Library

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Laird & Lee Numbered Publications
The Lakeside Library
Land and Sea Adventures
Library of Choice Fiction
Lotus Library
The Lucile Series
Lyceum Series

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Marguerite Series (Henneberry)
Marguerite Series (Weeks)
The Melbourne Series
Midland Series
Modern Authors' Library
Modern Authors' Library

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Neely's Library of Choice Literature
Neely's Series
New Sabbath Library
The Nickel Library
Nile Series

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Ogilvie's Joke Book Series
Old Sleuth Series (Regan)
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Opaline Series
Optimus Series
Oriental Library
Our Fireside Friend
Our Miscellaneous Publications
Outlaw Series
Overland Library

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Parkside Library
Parlor Library
Pastime Series, 1st Series
Pastime Series, 2nd Series
Patrol Detective Series
People's Series
Phoenix Series
Pinkerton Detective Series, 1st Series
Pinkerton Detective Series, 2nd Series
Pioneer Novels
Pioneer Series
Popular Novels

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Realistic and Other Gems
Rialto Series

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Sergel's International Library
Sergel's International Library, New Series
Sheldon Library
Silver Creek Series
Standard Fiction Series (Laird & Lee)
The Stein Co.'s Library
The Stein Co.'s Series of French Fiction
Stone's Monthly Library
Stone's Quarterly
Stories of Adventure
Student's Series of Four Penny Classics

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The Travel Series

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Unity Library

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The Weekly Lakeside
Weekly Novelist
Wellesley Series
White City Series
Wild West Series
Works of A. Conan Doyle
Works of Alexander Dumas
Works of Charles Garvice
Works of Eugene Sue

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Young Detective Series
Young Folk's Library of Choice Literature