The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

City - New York (N.Y.)


Adelphi Series
Advance Ten Cent Novels
Adventure Library
Adventure Stories
Adventure Weekly
The Albatross Novels
Alden's Juvenile Story-Book
Aldis Series
Alford Series
Alger Series (Street & Smith - 1st Series)
Alger Series (Street & Smith - 2nd Series)
Alice Series
All Around Weekly
All Sports Library
Alliance Library
American Agriculturist Library
American Home Literature
The American Library (American Library Co.)
American Novelists' Series
American Series
"American Series" Songsters
American Tales (1st Series)
American Tales (2nd Series)
Appletons' Edition of the Waverley Novels
Appletons' Illustrated Library of Romance
Appletons' Library of American Fiction
Appletons' New Handy-Volume Series
Appletons' Popular Library
Appletons' Town and Country Library
Appletons' Works of Charles Dickens
Arcadian Series
The Arm Chair Library (Lupton)
The Arm Chair
Army and Navy Library
Army and Navy Weekly
Arrow Library
Arundel Library
Atlantic Series (Hilton & Syme)
Atlantic Series (Street & Smith)
The Authors' Library

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A Bad Boy's Diary
Banner Library
The Banner Weekly
Beadle and Adams' Twenty Cent Novels
Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Ivers edition)
Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Octavo edition)
Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Quarto edition)
Beadle's Dime Base-Ball Player
Beadle's Dime Biographical Library
Beadle's Dime Book of Fun
Beadle's Dime Classic Stories
Beadle's Dime Dialogues
Beadle's Dime Fiction
Beadle's Dime Handbooks
Beadle's Dime Library of Choice Fiction
Beadle's Dime Novels
Beadle's Dime Pocket Joke Book
Beadle's Dime Song Books
Beadle's Dime Speakers
Beadle's Dime Tales, Traditions and Romance of Border and Revolutionary Times
Beadle's Fifteen Cent Novels
Beadle's Frontier Series
Beadle's Half-Dime Library
Beadle's Half-Dime Novelettes
Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library
Beadle's Monthly
Beadle's New Dime Novels
Beadle's New York Dime Library
Beadle's One Cent Song Books
Beadle's Pocket Library
Beadle's Pocket Novels
Beadle's Popular Library
Belford, Clark & Co. Series
Belles and Beaux
Belmore Series
The Bertha Clay Library
Bertha M. Clay Books
The Bijou Series
The Black Highwayman Novels
Blue and Gray Weekly
Bob Brooks Library
Books by Florence Edna May
Books by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Books by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
Books for Men
Border Boys Library
Bound to Win Library
Bowery Boy Library
The Boy's Own Novels
Boys of America
Boys of Columbia High Series
Boys of Liberty Library
The Boys of New York Pocket Library
The Boys of New York
The Boys of the World
Boys' Books of Romance and Adventure
Boys' Champion
Boys' Comic Library
Boys' Dashaway Series
Boys' Home Library
Boys' Own (Munro)
The Boys' Own Library (Street & Smith / David McKay)
The Boys' Own Library
Boys' Own Story Teller
The Boys' Star Library
The Boys' World
Brady's Champion Stories
Brady's Mercury Stories
Brady's People's Novelettes
Braeme Series
The Braeme Stories
Brave and Bold
Bright Ideas Series
Broadway Library
The Broadway Series
The Brookfield Series
Brookside Library
Brown Library
Buffalo Bill Border Stories
Buffalo Bill Stories
Burt L. Standish Library
The Byrnes-Hawthorne Series

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Calumet Series (Munro)
Campfire Library
Captain Heron Series of Highwayman Tales
Cassell's National Library
Cassell's National Library (New Series)
Cassell's Pocket Stories
Cassell's Rainbow Series
Cassell's Selected Library of Standard Literature
Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction
Cassell's Union Square Library
Celebrated Series of Detective Tales and Adventures
Centennial Series
The Century Series
Champion Detective Series (Hovendon)
Champion Detective Series (Ogilvie)
Champion Handbooks
The Champion Library
Champion Novels
Chaney's Union Novels
Chapman's Sunnyside Series
The Charlotte M. Braeme Series
Charlotte M. Braeme's Works
Charter Oak Series
Cheap Edition of Popular Authors
The Cheerful Hour Series
Chelsea Series
Chimney Corner
Chimney Corner Series (Dillingham)
The Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)
Choice Reading
The Choice Series
Clover Series
Cobb Library
Collection of Foreign Authors
Columbia Library
Columbia Series
Cooper's Novels
The Cosmopolitan Series
Cricket Library
Criterion Series
Crown Series

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Daisy Library
Dawley's Camp and Fireside Library
Dawley's Excelsior Novels
Dawley's Ghost and Vampire Series
Dawley's New War Novels
Dawley's Ten Penny Novels
Deadwood Dick Library (Ivers)
Delphic Series
Demorest's Monthly Magazine
Detective Library
Der Deutsche Americanische Bibliothek
Die Deutsche Library
DeWitt's "Good Books" Series
DeWitt's Black Bess Series
DeWitt's Blueskin Series
DeWitt's Cheap Edition of Marryat's Novels
DeWitt's Choice Fiction
DeWitt's Claude Duval Series
DeWitt's Fifteen Cent Novels
DeWitt's Handsome Jack Series
DeWitt's Jack Harold Series
DeWitt's Jonathan Wild Series
DeWitt's Model Library
DeWitt's Nightshade Series
DeWitt's Romances
DeWitt's Stories of the Sea
DeWitt's Ten Cent Romances
DeWitt's Twenty-Five Cent Novels
Diamond Dick Library
Diamond Dick, Jr.
Diamond Hand Books
Diamond Handbook Series
Diary of a Minister's Wife
Dick Dobbs' Detective Weekly
Dillingham's American Authors Library
Dillingham's Globe Library
Dillingham's Home Series
Dillingham's Magnolia Library
Dillingham's Metropolitan Library
Dillingham's Palmetto Library
Do and Dare Weekly
Dodd, Mead & Co.'s Blue Paper Series
Dodd, Mead & Co.'s Library of Fiction
Dora Thorne Series (American Publishers Corporation)
Dora Thorne Series (Ogilvie)
Dr. Jack Series
Drama Series (Street & Smith)

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Eagle Library
Echo Series
Eden Series
Electric Series
The Elite Library
The Elite Series
Elzevir Library
Empire Library
Empire Series
Eureka Detective Series
The Eureka Series
Every Day Series of Choice Reading
Excelsior Library
Eytinge Series

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F. W. Robinson Series
The Fair Library
Fame and Fortune Weekly
Family Story Paper
Far and Near Series
Far West Library
Fascinating, Sensational Books
Favorite Library
Favorite Library of Choice Fiction
Favorite Series (American Publishers Corporation)
Favorite Series (Munro)
Fenno's Select Series
Fiction Monthly
Fiction Monthly (Quarterly Edition)
Fife and Drum Series
Fifth Avenue Series
Fifty-Two Novels a Year
The Fireside at Home
Fireside Library of Popular Reading
Fireside Series (American News Company)
Fireside Series (Hovendon)
Fireside Series (Ogilvie)
Five Cent Comic Library
Five Great Books by Charles Garvice
The Five-Cent Weekly Library
Flag Series
Fleming Series
Ford's National Library
Forget-Me-Not Series
Fortnightly Library
Fortnightly Series
Fox's Illustrated Week's Doings
Fox's Sensational Series
Frank Leslie's Boys and Girls Weekly
Frank Leslie's Boys of America
Frank Leslie's Boys' Library Series
Frank Manley's Weekly
Frank Reade Library
Frank Reade Weekly
Frank Starr's American Novels
Frank Starr's Fifteen Cent Illustrated Novels
Frank Starr's New York Library
Frank Starr's Songbooks
Frank Starr's Ten Cent Pocket Library
Frank Tousey's Boys Weekly
French Detective Stories
Funny Books

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G. W. M. Reynolds' Novels
Gem Library
George Aiken's Weekly Novel
The Giant Series
Girls of To-day
Gold Series
Golden Gem Library
Golden Hours
Golden Library
Golden Rod Series
The Golden Weekly
Good Literature
Good News
Good News Library
Good Reading
Good Stories
Grand Detective Stories
Granite Series
Great Western Library

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The Half-Holiday
Hammock Series
The Hand-Book Library
Handsome Harry
Happy Days
Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing)
Happy Thought Library (Shurmer Sibthorp)
The Happy Thought Series
Harkaway Library
Harper's Franklin Square Library
Harper's Half Hour Series
Harper's Handy Series
Harper's Select Fiction
Harrigan & Hart's New York Boys
Hawthorne Library
Hawthorne Series
Henty Series
Highway Novels
The Highway Series
Hillside Library
Hilton's 15 Cent Novels
Hilton's Ghost Stories
Hilton's Illuminated Series of Novels
Hilton's Library of Standard Novels
Hilton's Prize Romances
Hilton's Ten Cent Novels, 1st Series
Hilton's Ten Cent Novels, 2nd Series
Historical Series
Holiday Books
Holland Library
Holmes Series
Holyrood Series
The Home Library (Johnson & Mabee)
Home Series of Choice Reading
The Home Series
Hudson Library
Hudson Series
Hugh Conway's Works
Humorous Books
Humorous Series
Humorous Stories
Hurst's Library
Hurst's Universal Library

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Ideal Series of American Copyright Novels
Idle Hour Series (Fenno)
Idle Hour Series (Lupton)
The Illustrated Fireside Novelist
The Illustrated Home Guest (Lupton)
"Illustrated Series" of Good Fiction
Imperial Series
Innocent Fiction Library
International Paper Novels
The Irving Library
Irwin P. Beadle & Co.'s Handbooks
Irwin P. Beadle's American Novels
Irwin P. Beadle's Ten Cent Novels
Irwin P. Beadle's Ten Cent Stories
Irwin's Six Penny Tales
Ivers' Detective Series
The Ivy Series

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J. F. Smith's Celebrated Novels
Jack Harkaway Stories
James Boys Weekly
Jesse James Stories
Joke and Fun Books
Judge's Novels

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Kelly's Weekly
Keystone Library
Klondike Kit Library
Knickerbocker Novels

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Labor Library
Lake Shore Series
Lakewood Series
Laughing Series (Collin & Small)
Laughing Series (Ivers)
Laura Jean Libbey's Books
Laura Jean Libbey's Charming Stories
Laura Jean Libbey's Greatest Novels
Laura Jean Libbey's Works
Laura Series
Laurel Library
Leather-Clad Tales
Leatherstocking Tales
Ledger Library
Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series
Leisure Hour Series
Leisure Moment Series
Leisure-Time Series
Lenox Series
Liberty Boys of '76
Library of Adventure and Romance
Library of American Authors
Library of Choice Novels
Library of Liberal Classics
Library of Select Novels
Little Chief Library
Lives of Great Americans
Lockwood's Family Magazine
Log Cabin Library
Log Cabin Library (Pocket Edition)
Log Cabin Series
Lotus Series
Love and Romance Series
Love Story Library
Lovell's American Authors' Series
Lovell's Detective Series
Lovell's Household Library
Lovell's Illustrated Series
Lovell's International Series
Lovell's Laughter Literature
Lovell's Library
Lovell's Literature Series
Lovell's Modern Novelists' Series
Lovell's Occult Series
Lovell's Political and Scientific Series
Lovell's Series of Foreign Literature
Lovell's Westminster Series
Lucky Series

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Macmillan's Novelists' Library
Madison Square Series
Magnet Library
Magnet Series
Majestic Series
Mammoth Monthly Reader
Manhattan Library
Manhattan Library of New Copyright Fiction
Manhattan Series of Popular American Novels
Marco-Botsaris Series
Mary J. Holmes' Novels
Mayflower Library
Maywood Library
Medal Library
Men of the Time
Merriwell Baseball Stories
Merriwell Football Stories
Merriwell Library
Merriwell Series
Merriwell Series (Cloth Bound)
Metropolitan Handy Series
Metropolitan Idle Hour Series
Metropolitan Pamphlet Series
The Metropolitan Series
Might and Main Library
Minerva Series
Miscellaneous Beadle Publications
Miscellaneous Beadle Songbooks
Miscellaneous Dawley Publications
Miss Braddon Series
Miss Braddon's Celebrated Novels
Model Series
Modern Stories
Monogram Series
Morrison's Sensational Series
The Motion Picture Chums Series
Motor Stories
The Moving Picture Boys Series
Mrs. Ellen Wood's Celebrated Novels
The "Multum in Parvo" Series
Munro's Backwoods Series
Munro's Girls and Boys of America
Munro's Library (Ordinary)
Munro's Library (Pocket)
Munro's Library of Popular Novels
Munro's New Illustrated Series
Munro's Opera Series
Munro's Pocket Magazine
Munro's Railroad Series
Munro's Ten Cent Handy Books
Munro's Twenty-Five Cent Edition
Munsey's Popular Series for Boys and Girls
My Queen
Mystery Stories

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Nat Gould
National Series
Ned Buntline's Own Series
Neely's Authors' Library
Neely's Booklet Library
Neely's Choice Library
Neely's Classic Library
Neely's Continental Library
Neely's Gem Library
Neely's Imperial Library
Neely's Library of Choice Literature
Neely's Popular Library
Neely's Star Library
Neely's Tourist Library
Neely's Universal Library
Neely's Vacation Library
New and Old Friends
New and Old Friends, 2nd Series
New Bertha Clay Library
New Blue-Star Novels
New Buffalo Bill Weekly
New Fiction Library
New Occult Series
New Romance Library
New Secret Service Series
New Sensation
The New Sensation Novels
New Southworth Library
New Stories of Thrilling Adventure
New Surprise (Series)
New Tip Top Weekly
New Twentieth Century Hand Books
New Twenty-Five Cent Novels
New Twenty-Five Cent Series
The New Varieties
New World
New York 10c Library (Dike)
New York 10c Library, 1st Series
New York 10c Library, 2nd Series
New York Boys Library
New York Boys Monthly
New York Comic Library
New York Comic Library (1893 edition)
New York Detective Library
The New York Family Favorite
The New York Fireside Companion Supplement
The New York Fireside Companion
New York Five Cent Library
New York Library (Dike)
New York Library (Ogilvie)
New York Mercury
New York Mercury Stories
New York Nickel Library
The New York Novelist (Alden)
New York Novelist (Lockwood)
The New York Sunday Advertiser Library
New York Waverly
New York Weekly
New York Weekly Magazine Supplement
New York Weekly Messenger
New York Weekly Series
New York Weekly Story Teller
Nick Carter Library
Nick Carter Stories
Nick Carter Weekly
Nightside Library
Novels by Charles Garvice
Nugget Library

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Ogilvie's Fireside Reading
Ogilvie's Fun Books
Ogilvie's Hand Book Series
Ogilvie's Joke Books
Ogilvie's New Books for Boys and Girls
Ogilvie's Onyx Edition
Ogilvie's Popular 50-Cent Books
Ogilvie's Popular Reading
Ogilvie's Series Books
Ogilvie, "Going Some" (Series)
Old Broadbrim Weekly
Old Cap. Collier Library
Old Sleuth Library
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Old Sleuth's Own (Ogilvie)
Old Sleuth's Own (Parlor Car)
Old Sleuth's Standard Series
Once a Week
Once a Week Library
Original Union Novels
Original War Novels
Ornum & Co.'s Fifteen Cent Romances
Ornum & Company's Indian Novels
Our Boy's Journal
Our Comic Books

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Paragon Library of Modern Books
Paris Series
Parlor Car Series
Paul Jones Weekly
Peerless Series
People's Five Cent Novelettes
The People's Handbook Series
The People's Home Journal (Lupton)
The People's Home Journal (Peters & Co.)
The People's Library (American News Company)
People's Library (Ogilvie)
Perfection Series
Petersen's Popular Prize Library
Picture Play Library
Pierce Egan's Novels
Pierce Egan's Stories
Play Book Series
Pluck and Luck
Police Gazette Library
Pollard's Popular Publications
Popular Books for All People
Popular Fifty Cent Books
Popular Plays and Screen Library
The Popular Series
Popular Songs for All People
Premium Library (Home Book Company)
Primrose Series (Street & Smith)
Princess Series

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The Quaker

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Railroad Edition
Railroad Reading
Railroad Series
Randall Series
Red Cover Series
Red Letter Series (International Book Company)
Red Letter Series (New Amsterdam)
Red Letter Series of Select Fiction
Red Raven Library
The Red Seal Library of Standard Books
Red Wolf Series
Red, White and Blue Library
Religious Books
Richard Henry Savage's Popular Novels
Riverside Library
Riverside Literature Series
Riverside Paper Series
Romance Series
The Rose Library
Rough Rider Weekly
Round the World Library
Royal Series (Munro)
Rugby Edition
Rugby Library

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The Satchel Series
The Saturday Journal
Saturday Library
Savoy Series
Sea and Shore Series
Sea Shore Library
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)
Seaside Library 25c Edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition
Secret Service Series
Secret Service. Old and Young King Brady, Detectives
Select Library
Select Series
Series of American Novels
Series of Military Novels
Series of Prize Novels
Series of Sea Tales
Shandon Series
Sheldon Novels
Shield Detective Series
Shield Series
Shield Weekly
Southworth Library
Southworth Library (New Edition)
Southworth Series
Souvenir Series
Sport Stories
Standard Fiction Series (Eastern)
Standard Fiction Series (Optimus)
Standard Library of Romance
The Standard Library
Standard Literature Series
Standard Series
Standard Series
Standard Series of Paper Novels
Star Fiction Library
Star Library
Starbuck's Book of Romance
Starry Flag Series
Starry Flag Weekly
Stories of New York Life
Strathmore Series
Street & Smith Humor Library
Street & Smith Manual Library
Street & Smith's Literary Album
Street & Smith's Select Dialogues
Street & Smith's Select Speakers
Summer Series
The Sunday Library
Sunday Series
Sunnyside Library
Sunnyside Series
Sunset Series
The Superb Library
Surprise Library
Surprise Series (Hovendon/International Book Co.)
Surprise Series (Ogilvie)
Svenskt Bibliothek (Swedish Library)
Sweetheart Series

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Tales From Town Topics
Tales of Border Adventure
Tales of Celebrated Highwaymen
Tales of Celebrated Highwaymen and Housebreakers
Tales of New York Life
Temperance Library
Ten Cent Claude Duval Novels
Ten Cent Hand Books
Ten Cent Irish Novels
Ten Cent Popular Novels
Three Chums
Tip Top Weekly
Top-Notch Magazine
Tourist's Delight
Trans-Atlantic Novels
Traymore Series
True Blue
True Story Series
Twentieth Century Hand Books
Twentieth Century Library
Twenty-Five Cent Books
Twenty-Five Famous Novels
Twenty-Five Favorite Novels by Charlotte M. Braeme
Twenty-Five Masterpieces of Dumas

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Undine Library
Union Library
Union Square Library
The Universal Library
The Universal Series
The University Series
The Unknown Library
The Up-to-Date Boys' Library

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Vanity Fair Series
Victor Series
Victor Series of Paper Books
Violet Series

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Wakefield Series
Waldorf Series
The War Library, Pocket Edition
The War Library
The War Series
Waverley Library (Ivers)
Waverley Library (Octavo edition)
Waverley Library (Quarto edition)
Webster Library
Welcome Friend Series
Welcome Series
Wellesley Series
Westbury Library
Western Star Series
Western Story Library
Western Story Magazine
The White Elephant: A Monthly Magazine of Original Stories
Wide Awake Library
Wide Awake Library -- Special
Wide Awake Weekly
Wide-Awake Magazine
Wild Oats
Wild West Weekly
Woman's World Series
Woodville Stories
Work and Win
World Library
Worthington's International Library

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Yankee Doodle
The Young American
The Young Athlete's Weekly
Young Broadbrim Weekly
Young Folk's Library of Choice Literature
Young Glory
Young Klondike
The Young New Yorker
Young Rover Library
Young Sleuth Library
Young Sports
Young Sports Five Cent Library
Young Sports of America
Youths' Library