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Alternate Title: The Little Ledger
Publisher: W. D. Boyce Co. (Chicago: 113, 115, 117 Fifth Ave.) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Story Paper
Issues: Uncertain
Dates: 1872-1924 (absorbed into the Blade and Ledger)
Physical Description:

As of 1895: 17 1/2 x 23 1/2". 8 pages. Issued Weekly; 5ยข ea. "A Modern Home Weekly of Romance, Departments and Events." A Story Paper in Newspaper style. Higher issues had a supplement included called the Little Ledger. "Useful Knowledge, Romance, Amusement for Young People."

As of 1899-1900: 11 1/2 x 17 3/4". 16 pages. Colored pictures.

As of 1913: 10 1/2 x 14 3/4". 24 pages. Color cover and some interior color.

Articles (Primary)

Chart Pitt: His Autobiography
The Creator of Keeneyes: Something About J. Breckenridge Ellis
P. G. Estee Discourses on Himself
The Team of Ward and Pearce Will Now Perform Strike Up the Band!


The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 22, No. 24
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 23, No. 20
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 23, No. 24
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 27, No. 49
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 27, No. 51
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 28, No. 45
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 41
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 42
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 44
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 45
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 46
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 31, No. 47
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 41, No. 15
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 47, No. 38
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 47, No. 39
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 47, No. 45
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 47, No. 47
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 48, No. 25
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 48, No. 28
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 48, No. 41
The Chicago Ledger, Vol. 50, No. 04
The Little Ledger, Vol. 22, No. 24
The Little Ledger, Vol. 23, No. 20


Adrift on a Junk; or, Boy Sailors of the China Sea
At Sea with Napoleon; or, Flight Under Fire
The Attic Prisoner; or, A Brave Boy's Luck
The Avenger's Sinless Crime
The Belle of the Corset Factory
The Blazed Trail; or, Struggling for Gold
Born in Mystery; or, The Heiress of Claremont Hall
The Box of Bewilderment
Boy and Panther. What Young Tom Benson Found While on a "Wild Goose Chase."
A Bum at Blindman
By Storm and Flood. The Heroine of Galveston--A True Story of One of the World's Greatest Disasters--The Lost Heir.
Cleopatra's Necklace; or, The Curse of the White Sapphire
The Clue of the Cord
The Cornsilk Cigarette
Crooked Trails and Straight
The Custody of the Dog
A Dainty Miss
The Danger Trail
The Daring of the Doomed
The Dark Mirror
The Daughter of Dance Hall Kate
The Death Diamonds; or, Mercy Compton's Fate
Deep Water Dan
Desert Cut-Out
Diamond Joe. A Thrilling and Romantic Story of the Mississippi River.
Elinor's Bank. How a Little Girl Defeated the Purpose of a Daring Robber.
The Escape
An Eventful Night. George Manning's Strange Adventure--Elopement with an Unknown Bride--A Rescue Extraordinary.
The Fatal Thumb Mark. A Sign Manual in Blood--The Strange Fulfillment of a Curse--Out of the Shadow of Doom.
Fifty-Fifty--Here and Hereafter
Finding a Treasure
Fisherman's Luck
For Her Dear Sake
The Game the Snow Rat Played
The Gem of the Transvaal; or, For Love of a Boer Maiden
The Ghost that Came Back
The Girl in the Purple Petals
The Glimpse Thru the Window
The Gob and the Gobbler
The Golden Skull. The Strange Story of the Rajah's Jewels--From India to America--An Entailed Curse.
The Golden Vagabond
The Governor's Pardon
A Great Haul. The Story of Dick Dart and the Postoffice Thieves--Pluck of a Boy Detective.
The Heart of an Actress
The Heart of the Fire Spirit
The Homecoming of Mickey
In a Microbe Oven
The Indian Slayer. Love and Peril in the Niobrara Valley--Days of Danger and Nights of Fear--A Red Revenge.
The Inner Circle
Jim's Widow
Joe's Jetta. How a Small Boy's Pet Horse Won a Race and a Fiddle.
Jones Keeps Faith with the Mole. The Story of a Necklace, a Crook and His Honor.
The Last Laugh
The Lieutenant of Engine Ten; or, Won from the Flames
Links of Love and Gold; or, The Grey-Osmond Duel
Little Odd Story of the Week--No. 5: His Masterpiece
The Loft was Vacant
The Looting of the Limited
A Lost Love
The Mad Hatter
Magdalene's Mystery; or, Wedded to the Dead
A Maiden's Peril. Story of Love's Sacrifice--Temptations of a Beautiful Young Girl Who Fled from the Man She Loved.
The Mark of Cain; or, The Black Pride of the Countess of Barnchester
A Million in Gold Bars
Miss Adventure; or, Perils in Mexico
The Moment's Destiny
The Morning Song
Near Kleptomania
"Not Me!"
On Walpurgis Night. The Good Advice Given to a Little Girl by a Wooden Monkey.
One Thousand Dollars an Inch
The Other Man's Chance
The Outlaw's Daughter; or, At War with the King
Paddling Down the Amazon. A Story of a Canoe Cruise.
The Phantom Bicyclist. The Silent Hunter of the Bad Lands--Weird Story of Adventures in the Land of Desolation and Mystery.
The Poison Glasses
The Prints of a Woman's Shoes
The Resistance Kid
The Return
The Romero Dagger; or, The Canyon Diablo Mystery
A Ruse that Worked
A Scarlet Message; or, The Broken Shutter
Secrets of a Grave. The Story of Two Orphans and a Wicked Uncle's Plot--Revelations of an Indian Burying Ground.
The Silent Witness
The Silver Spike
The Sin of the Father; or, A Fatal Marriage
The Sinner at Bay. The Story of Lucky Markham's Nemesis--A Romance of Love, Crime and Retribution.
The Sunken Cannon; or, How Sam Parker Made Good
That Terrific Run
Thin Ice
To a Sea Gull
Tom Wallace's Sea Serpent. How the Boys Made a Sea Monster and Got into Trouble.
Too Many Berries
The Trap
The Tully Will
Turn the Rascals Out
The Tusker
Two Experiments
The Valley of Sleeping Slaves
Waitin' Peeley's Vigil
A Waltz Quadrille
What Effie Said
When "Bug" Cleaned the Slate
When the Alturia Went Down
The White Slavers; or, The Serpent's Charm
Wire and Rail Stories: The Slide at Bonnet
Wolves of the Sea
A Working Girl's Fate. Four Fiendish Faces--Story of Tragic Events in Chicago--Written by a Young Woman Who Took Part in Them.
Zilla, the Conjuror's Daughter; or, Because of Her Love for Him

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